Desk-top publishing and editorial services


Client brief

“I would like an experienced gardening editor to check over the text for sense and accuracy, and also to assess the photographs for suitability. Please could you also copy-edit it to our house style sheet (attached) and clear all queries directly with the author.”


What Wordsense did

Joanna Chisholm checked the spelling, grammar and punctuation and made the text consistent with the relevant house style rules. She checked all plant names and metric/imperial conversions for measurements. Once she’d tidied up the Word document, Joanna used the track changes facility so that all further changes were visible to the author for his approval (should he wish to see them). She also queried all significant textual changes with the author. Throughout the job Joanna styled all text via the Word style palette to indicate the relative importance of headings etc.


Client feedback

“I greatly appreciate all the painstaking and valuable checking that you have done. You have done a fantastic job!”